I am Aleigh Krug. 

An art director,  

college basketball player,

a left-hander, music lover,

dog owner, storyteller.

While I was a junior freelance art director at Leo Burnett in Chicago, IL, I made some pretty awesome stuff:

Samsung – Bixby Quick Commands

Quick Commands are customizable command sequences within Bixby, Samsung's Voice Assistant, that allow users to execute multiple actions with a simple word or phrase. To showcase this feature and the benefits of complete personalization, I wrote and art directed two spots which highlight how this technology can be integrated into the everyday life of our global consumer base.

Samsung – Social Posts

I was a part of a team that creates content across three global social media channels: Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, and Samsung SmartLife. Each month we were tasked with creating 30 pieces of content across the channels that are relevant, exciting and show off the products and services. Here is some of my favorite content I made:

While I was an Art Director Intern at Goodby Silverstein & Partners I made some cool stuff with Maddie Ritchie:


XFINITY – #minivations

Each year XFINITY hosts Watchathon Week for all of their customers to binge watch their favorite shows on any channel for free. In 2017, Watchathon Week was all about binge watching with your friends and family. As part of an ongoing social campaign, we created #minivations to help XFINITY users "buddy up." As well as create original, sharable content for XFINITY on social media. All together the videos got over 2.1+ million views on Facebook alone and became the most watch videos of the #minivation series.

XFINITY – Table Top Trivia

XFINITY wanted to create fun, aesthetically pleasing social content surrounding award shows, premieres of popular shows and other brand sponsored events. We created Table Top Trivia, a two part social post. The first .gif or image (left) is a clue for people to comment and guess what show or movie it is, these were posted in the morning. Then later in the day, XFINITY would post the second image or .gif (right) to reveal the show and show case the X1 Voice Remote. 

Cheetos – National Coloring Day Instagram Coloring Book

For National Coloring Book Day, we created a mini campaign centered around Instagram stories. On the day, we released a 24 hour coloring book and invited follower to screenshot a page, color it in and post it to their own stories for a chance to be featured. 

XFINITY – Tier II Template Refresh

In the past, the XFINITY brand was grey and red, but with the upgrade of their technology and operating system came a new sleek brand identity. XFINITY wanted to rebrand themselves to look premium with jet blacks with pops of XFINITY blue. I completely refreshed the banners, OOH, doorhangers and print to align with their new brand identity while still providing two distict options for targeted local ads and a general look and feel for national promotions. 

XFINITY – Award Shows

XFINITY teamed up with Dick Clark Productions and various award shows to promote their X1 operating system and it's features. We worked on two different award show campaigns, The Academy of Country Music Awards and The Billboard Music Awards. For each campaign we created: a :30 TV spot (with :15 and :10 cut down), Spotify OLA (visual and audio), social posts, a print ad, Facebook Live events, a full fleet of banners and AOL Devil Unit. 

In the summer of 2016 I spent some time in Barcelona, Spain as a graphic designer making some cool stuff for a little travel company called The Stoke Travel Co: 

Stoke Travel – Graphic Design

The Stoke Travel Co. is a travel company that offers cheap, all inclusive travel and accomodation rates for all the major festivals and events thorughout Europe. As the Lead Graphic Designer, I concepted and created visual communication tools such as flyers (both digital and physical), posters, Facebook content, advertisements and promotional collateral. As well as concepted social videos and strategized a plan for the the company Snapchat to create fun content that patrons would enjoy watching.


But if I only worked I'd be boring... So I  take pictures, write, collect shit from the street , talked to some people and made a digital book, went to school, and an assortment of other things, but these are probably the more important ones.

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